Walmer Yard, W11



Peter Salter

Peter Salter is a British teacher and designer. He has been Head of the School of Architecture at the University of East London and since 2006, Professor of Architectural Design at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s Salter established his reputation whilst teaching at the Architectural Association. In 2004 he won the Royal Institute of British Architects Annie Spink Award for his outstanding contribution to architectural education. This prize was awarded jointly with Wolf Prix, and confirmed his international standing. His students are amongst the foremost architects now practicing all over the world from Iceland to Germany.

The four houses at Walmer Yard in London represent his first built residential project in the UK.

Crispin Kelly

Crispin Kelly studied history at Oxford, before returning to college to qualify as an architect, being taught by Peter Salter for two years. He founded the development company Baylight Properties Ltd in 1982, which has a reputation for undertaking original projects designed by leading architects working in Britain, for example by Stanton Williams, Tony Fretton and Sergison Bates. These demonstrate the widest financial and cultural value of good design.

He has contributed widely to architectural magazines and broadsheets on topics ranging from art in public space to the qualities of successful suburbs, as well as judging many design awards. He has served as President of the Architectural Association, and currently chairs the board of trustees of the London School of Architecture and Open City.

Fenella Collingridge

Fenella Collingridge graduated with Honours at the Architectural Association and has a first class degree in Painting from Camberwell School of Art. She has taught architecture at East London University, the Royal College of Art and the Architectural Association. For the past nine years Fenella has collaborated with Peter Salter in developing the design and construction of his houses at Walmer Yard. In parallel she has run a research project, Saturated Space, with the painter Antoni Malinowski, to explore the relationship between colour, tone, texture and form in architecture. This year Fenella takes up a new teaching post at the Bartlett School of Architecture.