Walmer Yard, W11


Custodian, Walmer Yard


Walmer Yard, the widely published complex of four houses in West London designed by Peter Salter, is in the process of being established as a charitable foundation. The mission of this new institution is the deepening of the public understanding of experiencing architecture. This will involve the provision of short-term accommodation for groups working in creative disciplines including the visual and performing arts, the social sciences, architecture and urbanism. Walmer Yard is not a hotel but rather a unique experiment in collective living. Allowing guests to experience a remarkable work of architecture, while spending time with other creative practitioners is central to the institution’s ambitions.


Crispin Kelly, the developer and owner of Walmer Yard, is looking to appoint a custodian tasked with populating the site.  Their responsibilities will include Walmer Yard’s day-to day-management, organising the selection process for residents, facilitating relationships between residents and other London institutions and managing access for occasional paying visitors. The role may also entail the delivery of exhibitions and lectures at Walmer Yard and the production of publications, which record the activities undertaken there. The custodian’s work will be supported by an advisory board, which will include representatives of the different creative disciplines that Walmer Yard supports.


Applications are invited from candidates who are sociable, practical and culturally engaged.  They should be prepared for the demands of a job, which is likely to involve working irregular hours. Further details of Walmer Yard’s mission can be found at walmeryard.co.uk.


Salary: £35K+

Applications should be submitted to info@walmeryard.co.uk

Deadline: 7th March 2018