Walmer Yard, W11


Supper Club: On Home

Thursday 4 April, 7pm – 10.30pm

The first in Walmer Yard and Natoora’s Supper Club series, this unique night will merge great food and quality produce in the architectural setting of Walmer Yard with conversations around domesticity and the home.

The first season of events at Walmer Yard takes a look at contemporary domesticity and how technology is changing our domestic behaviours. In a world where how we consume food is changing, where kitchens are becoming smaller, and we turn to apps like Deliveroo and UberEats for our food, this slow dinner will open up conversations about the future of how we eat in the home.

Natoora’s selection of produce will explore the seasonality of the food we eat as their growers guide guests through the intensity of end of season winter produce to the delicate flavours of new spring growth with a five course meal that captures the incredible flavour combinations that a slower approach to seasonality brings.

Invited guests

Hosted by Natoora’s British Sourcing Expert Paddy Plunkett and Keeper of Walmer Yard Laura Mark, guests will be joined by speakers who will add to the lively conversation with their wealth of knowledge on both architecture and food.

Oli Baker

Oli Baker is Natoora’s outdoor rhubarb grower at Mora Farm in Cornwall. Oli supplies Natoora with soft fruit, outdoor rhubarb and root vegetables through Good Earth Growers, their organic growing project in Cornwall. Inspired by the no till, no pesticide philosophy of Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, Oli treats his quarter-acre fields as small gardens – letting biodiversity flourish and nurturing the soil for the future. Oli’s incredible fruit and vegetables prove that growers can produce at a higher volume without the need to sacrifice sustainability, flavour or craftsmanship.

Other guests to be confirmed.