Walmer Yard, W11



RIBA London Award 2017

AIA Excellence in Design Award 2017

Peter Salter
March 2017

This manifesto-house design forces a rethink of the key values of building architecture today

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Clare Dowdy
February 2017

Instead of clean, shiny surfaces in marble, steel and glass, Salter prefers curvaceous concrete – the more artisanal the better.

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Architectural Review
Jay Merrick
February 2017

Has London ever seen a more unusual coming together of modern property development and intensely imagined, highly crafted architecture thank in the four artfully interlocked houses at Walmer Yard?

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Financial Times
Edwin Heathcote
25 January 2017

There are yurts on the roof: dark, domed spaces. Openings are unpredictable, occasionally tiny slots, at other times big picture windows. Part architect’s dream, part Japanese fantasy, part Terry Gilliam nightmare, it is a thrilling ride, an affecting journey, an artwork as much as it is a building.

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Architecture Today
Robert Harbison
16 January 2017

Here modern pragmatism meets the aesthete’s love of rough edges, like something nature in its innocence has landed us with – another of the moments with which this remarkable project reveals itself as so unlike any other building.

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Architect’s Journal
Will Hunter
12 January 2017

This really is speculative housing at its most conjectural; it defies ordinary categorisation and cannot be judged in conventional terms … A lesson in craft – not only of technique but also of thought – the building is not an assembly of parts or systems, but a handmade artefact, a burnished singularity a decade in the making …It is a tremendous achievement. And now an architecture that has lived so long in the imagination of its creators must be handed over to new occupants, and another fascinating chapter of its story must begin.

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RIBA Journal
Jan-Carlos Kucharek
20 December 2016

Walmer Yard is a fascinating realisation of Peter Salter’s work, an exploration of light and dark, sound and touch

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Architect’s Journal
Laura Mark
19 December 2016

The AJ’s top buildings of 2016

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BBC Radio 3
Whatever Happened to the Avant-Garde?
Presented by Paul Morley
11 December 2016

Visionary Peter Salter, an architectural designer with sage, almost mystical fantasies about buildings and interiors, a ruthless believer in the power of architecture and design to make us more human and more alive to make work, play, sex, eating, basic family life a more intense, magical experience … someone I am happy to call ‘avant-garde’.

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Built Projects editorial team
6 December 2016

In-situ concrete offers a sense of permanence to the architecture of the room; its density and massiveness of fabric providing quietness and a stillness for sleep.

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The Observer
Rowan Moore
4 December 2016

Best Architecture of 2016: Top 5 Buildings

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Amy Frearson
22 November 2016

Peter Salter creates labyrinthine London townhouses to experiment with different ideas

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Philip Stevens
21 November 2016

Within the scheme, a variety of volumes and materials create rooms and circulation spaces that allow for domestic use, as well as private peace and sensory experience

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Tim Abrahams
21 November 2016

Fantastic four: Peter Salter’s quartet of town houses is a work of poetry

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The Spaces
Corinna Dean
21 November 2016

Peter Salter’s interlocking Walmer Yard homes: a radical take on ‘close living’

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The Observer
Rowan Moore
20 November 2016

Uncompromising beauty – Thirteen years in the making, four houses around a small courtyard in west London designed by Peter Salter are a triumph of exquisite detail and poetic idealism

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Evening Standard
Robert Bevan
17 November 2016

Peter Salter’s four exquisitely crafted houses in Holland Park have taken 13 years to build — but they have been worth the wait…the more people who get to experience these unique hand-made houses the better.

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