Walmer Yard, W11


Supper Club: On Craft

Thursday 9 May, 7pm – 10.30pm

‘The craftsman’s tools are not sentimental trinkets or charms, but honed pieces of equipment that enable the craftsman to reproduce detail with precision.’

We often pass over the everyday aspects of our lives, taking for granted where we live and how we eat. Step inside Walmer Yard for a supper of seasonal produce, and learn to recognise the craftsmanship that goes into creating both food and home.

Co-hosted by Natoora Founder Franco Fubini and designer of Walmer Yard Fenella Collingridge, this unique supper will draw connections between the genuine artistry of growing exceptional fruit and vegetables and the decade of design choices that have made Walmer Yard a uniquely crafted home.

Part of London Craft Week 2019.